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CD: If Sorrows Swim (2014)

CD: If Sorrows Swim (2014)

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Greensky Bluegrass' 5th studio release. Featuring twelve new original compositions, If Sorrows Swim is a compelling snapshot of the evocative songwriting and fluid instrumental interplay that has made Greensky Bluegrass a word-of-mouth underground sensation.

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Track Listing:

  1. Windshield (P. Hoffman)
  2. Burn Them (P. Hoffman)
  3. A Letter to Seymour (D. Bruzza)
  4.  In Control (P. Hoffman)
  5.  The Four (P. Hoffman)
  6.  Worried About the Weather
  7. Forget Everything (P. Hoffman)
  8.  Kerosene (D. Bruzza)
  9.  Demons (P. Hoffman)
  10.  Wings for Wheels (D. Bruzza)
  11.  Leap Year (P. Hoffman)
  12.  Just Listening (P. Hoffman)

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